Bell, Alexander Graham


Brothers Grimm

Carroll, Lewis

Castro, Fidel


Churchill, Winston


Columbus, Christopher

Cook, James


Darwin, Charles

de Champlain, Samuel

De Gaulle, Charles

de La Salle, Robert

de Soto, Hernando

de Soto, Hernando

Diana, Princess

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Dickens, Charles

Drake, Francis

Einstein, Albert





Henry Hudson

James II, King of England

Joan of Arc

King Kamehameha

Louis XIV

Luther, Martin

Magellan, Ferdinand

Mandela, Nelson


Mother Teresa




Nightingale, Florence

Pasteur, Louis

Polo, Marco

Ponce de Leon, Juan

Ponce de Leon, Juan


Romulus and Remus

Shakespeare, William

Stanley, Henry Morton

Strauss, Levi

Stevenson, Robert L.

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